San Jose Wildlife Removal Service

Common wildlife complaints we encounter include scratching noises in a wall, squirrels in an attic, raccoons in a chimney, skunk in a window well, bats in a home or office, beavers damaging property, birds nesting in vents, snakes in a basement, removal of a dead animal and more. No matter what the situation may be, we have the experience and equipment needed to solve the problem quickly. After a complete inspection we will determine the cause of the wildlife complaint and take the proper steps to resolve the issue. Our wildlife control experts will locate and seal all of the holes, cracks and gaps along the exterior of a home or building to put an end to invading wildlife.

We specialize in animal exclusion, which is the process of completely sealing a structure to prevent wildlife entry. This involves screening vents, installing chimney caps, sealing openings, repairing animal damage, installing fencing, gutter guards and more. All of our exclusion work is completed using quality materials designed to blend in unnoticed and keep wildlife out. San Jose Wildlife is the service you need!!

Raccoon removal

Raccoon traps are needed when coping with a raccoon who has stated your house as her/his very own. They can be harmful to your loved ones and pets.

Once you have discovered a raccoon in your home, it is critical to discover the fastest & most powerful prevention to eliminate them forever. In combination with animal repellents, a raccoon snare is the greatest extermination alternative.

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Squirrel removal

Cage traps are designed to also catch squirrels. They are usually baited with food. Common baits include cat food and fish.

Cage traps are usually equipped with a triggering mechanism in the back of the cage that causes a door to shut; some traps with two doors have a trigger in the middle of the cage that causes both doors to shut.

Rodent removal

The word rodent means "to gnaw". Through the ages, rodents have been the cause of some tremendous plagues and diseases.

A successful rodent control program includes a combination of baiting and trapping for the highest rate of success. You will want a complete rodent elimination to occur before the rodents move to another area.